The Monona Airport offers local aviators the facilities fly and store their aircraft. Monona Airport is located 3 miles SE of Monona. This is an unattended airport. For general airport questions contact Airport Manager Tim Walter at 563-608-2310 or City Hall at 563-539-2355.

Elevation – 1147 feet
Latitude: N 43-01-49.9
Longitude: W 91-20-45.6

Runway: 18/36
Length: 2650 feet, Width: 120 feet
Pattern: 800L/800L
CTAF: 122.90
Runway Lights: LIRL
Navigation: VOR. IDENT: UKN 
Frequency: 116.6
Brng: 148 – Dist (NM) 17 Monona 
Approach ID: 7C3