Monona First Time Homebuyer Program 2020

This program is through Upper Explorerland Regional Planning Commission and is designed to assist with down payments or rehabilitation assistance, up to $24,999, to those who qualify. For information or to apply stop at Monona City Hall, go to the UERPC office in Postville, go to or call (563)864-7551. Funds will be awarded to up to five applicants who qualify within two years.

Tax Abatement

Urban Revitalization Exemption is a program put in place by The City of Monona though The Clayton County Assessor’s Office which allows for a partial tax exemption on new construction, renovations or additions to residential properties.

The exemption takes place over a five year period.   All qualified real estate assessed as residential property is eligible to receive an excemption from taxation on the first $75,000 of actual value added by the improvements for a period of five years.

To qualify the property must be located within the Urban Revitalization area. Please contact Monona City Hall at 563-539-2355 for details. Application (PDF)

Homestead Exemption

New residents may file for homestead exemption at the County Assessor’s office, located at 111 High NE St., Elkader; phone 245-2533. To qualify for homestead exemption, which will reduce your property taxes, the residence must be owned and occupied by you, an Iowa resident. There is no charge for homestead exemption.

To qualify for a full-year of homestead credit, you must file an application with the Assessor’s office between January 1st and July 1st in any given year. You may, however, file an application at any time after July 1st, but will not receive a full-year’s credit until the following year.