Solid Waste/Recycling

Monona is proud of its residents’ efforts to take care of the environment. Monona boasts some of the highest recycling rates in the area.

Curbside co-mingled recycling is picked up every other Thursday by Waste Management. If there is a holiday during the week prior to or on Thursday, recycling pick up will be on Friday.

Recycling Guide

Garbage service is provided by Town & Country Sanitation and is collected on Thursdays. If there is a holiday during the week prior to or on Thursday, garbage pick up will be on Friday.

The fees for solid waste collection and disposal are for each residential premises and for each dwelling unit of a multiple-family dwelling – a minimum fee of $20.50 per month, which shall include recycling and a maximum of two 33-gallon garbage cans, or four 33-gallon garbage bags if the bags are not placed in cans, of residential waste per week. Maximum weight for any one can or one bag is 40 lbs. If your garbage was not picked up it may be due to being overweight, excess garbage or if you have items that do not fall into the guidelines. Please call City Hall if you have questions.

For large items, such as furniture, or excess garbage, such as building materials, please call Town & Country Sanitation for rates and to schedule a pickup. 1-800-626-1915

Dumpsters can be rented through Town & County Sanitation; please call 1-800-626-1915 for more information.

Cardboard, yard waste and brush are not allowed with regular garbage pickup.

  • Yard waste (leaves, grass, garden waste and similar) may be deposited at a designated area located at the Monona Waste Water Treatment Plant, located at 20485 125th St.
  • Brush (branches and limbs) may be deposited at the Monona Brush Dump located off of 100th St, north of town. Please contact City Hall at 563-539-2355 for more information.

Questions? Email: , or phone City Hall at 563-539-2355.