Garbage & Recycle Notice

Greetings Mononanites!  We’ve contracted with Waste Management, beginning July 1st, for both trash and recycle collection.  Keep an eye on our Facebook page for additional announcements regarding changes in collection schedules and answers to your questions!

Our existing 5-year agreement with Town & Country ends on July 1st.  Monona solicited three new bids for refuse collection; it is in our best interests at this point to move our business to Waste Management for both trash and recycling.

We are still working out collection details, including scheduling, with Waste Management.  To help automate collection and realize additional savings, Waste Management will be providing us with trash “carts” similar to our recycle.

After additional information is posted, later this week, we ask that you call City Hall at 539-2355 with any questions.

Thank you!

-Mayor Grant Langhus